Data Analysis Workshop 6-10 March 2000 RTC, NC

Daily Meeting Schedule 17 June - 16 July 1999 Gassaway Building Conference Room

0800 and/or 1300 CDT Daily Flight Planning Meeting for (1) a review of information from the previous day's flights, (2) meteorological forecasts, and (3) a discussion of flight plans for the day. This meeting will provide an opportunity for the meteorologists to brief the flight planners on the latest weather conditions for last minute changes in that day's flight plans. Since there is an added emphasis on nighttime processes, many flights, particularly for the G-1, will be made at night. With this in mind, the flight planning meetings at 8am and/or 1pm are to accommodate the flight planning and flight schedules of all the aircraft.

1300 CDT every day preceding a flight Informal Planning Meeting and Weather Briefing to provide information allowing Bill Parkhurst to file informal flight plans with the FAA before 1500 CDT that day for flights to be made the following day. Each individual aircraft planning team is responsible for providing Bill Parkhurst with a general flight plan and map for the following day by 1400 CDT. By agreement with the FAA, Bill will submit these plans to the Nashville Tower by 1500 CDT. On those days when a flight planning meeting is held at 1300 CDT, that meeting will also serve as the informal planning meeting.

1400 CDT every Tuesday Surface Measurements group meeting to discuss results and resolve problems.

1500 CDT every Tuesday Science Symposia focusing on interesting new findings emerging from the current study.

2000 CDT every Wednesday Science Team Coordination Meeting covering all aspects of the 1999 Nashville Field Study.

Refer to the Daily Plan-it for the latest meeting details.