Weather Forecasts

Daily Weather Summary

July 9, 1999:

With a more moist air mass in place over middle Tennessee today, we have some morning low Sc clouds. These should burn off later this morning/early this afternoon, giving way to partly cloudy skies and isolated afternoon storms. High: 91. Low: 73. Mixing Height: 1900 m MSL. 850 mb winds should be SWly, at 10-15 knots.

Tomorrow's Forecast

July 10, 1999:

A fairly significant frontal boundary, considering that it is July, will approach us on Saturday, bringing increasing clouds and good chances for rain and thunderstorms by afternoon. High: 88 Low: 70. 850 mb winds will be strong as the front approaches, out of the west or WSW at 20-30 knots. The frontal boundary should pass through BNA late Saturday night.

Day after Tomorrow Forecast

July 11, 1999:

Behind the front, there may be some lingering clouds and showers Sunday morning, but we should start to clear by Sunday afternoon. It will also cool off for a little while after the front. High: 85 Low: 64


Expect mostly sunny skies and more pleasant temps on Monday, but flow starts to turn around and should become more southerly by Wednesday, bringing the moisture and hotter air back in. With the drier air in place early in the week, any thunderstorm activity should be very limited. Highs: 84-90. Lows: 61-68.

Profiler Plume Depiction

The following shows a depiction of plume locations as predicted by the profiler winds assimilated into a one-dimensional boundary layer model. The top image shows particle positions as of the previous evening. The lower image shows particle positions as of the following morning for particles released beginning the previous noon.

Forecast Plumes

The following gives a depiction of plume locations using a Lagranagian Particle Model coupled to the Regional Spectral Model. The RSM is run daily in a forecast mode at TVA Muscle Shoals, Alabama.

Plume based on 00z initial fields (mpg file optimized for QuickTime)

Plume based on 12z initial fields (mpg file optimized for QuickTime)

ARL Hysplit Trajectories

Nashville Soundings