SUNVEx Instruments

Proposed SUNVEx measurements mitigate the risk of not having data from one of the west coast megacities during AEROMMA (as that mission evolves and with the potential that the postponed project flight hours may be cut). Ground site measurements would also give an opportunity to field test the new VIA-VOCUS-LToF instrument with many ancillary measurements before AEROMMA flights. Mobile Doppler lidar measurements provide complementary dynamics data to improve model representations of urban meteorology and relationships between extreme heat, emissions and photochemistry.

van layout schematic
Instrument layout for CSL Mobile lab

CSL Mobile Laboratory

PIInstitutionInstrument / Package
Chelsea Stockwell
Matt Coggon
Lu Xu
Kristen Zuraski
Steve Brown
Jeff PeischlNOAA CSLCO, CO2, CH4, H2O
Matt Coggon
Chelsea Stockwell
Aaron Lamplugh
Jessica Gilman
NOAA CSLwhole air canisters
mobile lab
Chelsea Stockwell, Kristen Zuraski, and Matt Coggon with the CSL Mobile Laboratory

CSL lidar

PIInstitutionInstrument / Package
Sunil Baidar
Alan Brewer
NOAA CSLStationary [DALEK] Doppler lidar On a Trailer (StaDOT)
Richard Marchbanks
Alan Brewer
NOAA CSLPickUp based Mobile Atmospheric Sounder (PUMAS) Micro Doppler lidar
lidar trailer
CSL Stationary [DALEK] Doppler lidar On a Trailer (StaDOT)

Clark County Ground Site

PIInstitutionInstrument / Package
Lu XuNOAA CSLGC front end add-on
Clark County DESCO, O3, NOx, NOy, PM1, PM2.5 and 10, SO2, auto-GC
Clark County DESwind profile close
trailer layout schematic
Proposed instrument layout for CSL Los Angeles trailer

CSL Los Angeles trailer

PIInstitutionInstrument / Package
Jessica Gilman, Aaron LamplughNOAA CSLGC-MS (VOCs)
NOAA CSLGC front end for PTR-ToF
Chelsea Stockwell, Matt Coggon, Lu XuNOAA CSLVIA-VOCUS-LToF (PM organics)
Mike Robinson, Andy Neuman, Patrick VeresNOAA CSLI-CIMS (VOCs+inorganics)
Drew Rollins, Kristen ZuraskiNOAA CSLNOLIF (NOx+isotopes)
Mike RobinsonNOAA CSLHCl

Pasadena Ground Site

PIInstitutionInstrument / Package
CalTechCO, CO2, CH4, NOx
CalTechHR-AMS (PM composition)
CalTechToF-CIMS (organics, peroxides, ...)
CalTechTrip quad-CIMS (organics, peroxides, ...)