Tropospheric Chemistry: VOC Instruments

Proton-Transfer Reaction Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry (PTR-ToF-MS)

PTR-ToF-CIMS instrument
PTR-ToF-CIMS instrument

Principle of the Measurement

Chemical ionization of VOCs by proton transfer with hydronium ions (H3O+)
Detection using a high-resolution time-of-flight mass spectrometer

Species Measured

  1. Aromatics
  2. Biogenic VOCs (isoprene, monoterpenes)
  3. Alcohols
  4. Ketones
  5. Acids
  6. Aldehydes
  7. Nitriles
  8. Dimethyl sulfide

Time Response / Detection Limit

1 second / 10-100 pptv


Aerodyne Research Inc (modified)

Field Projects

Deployed onboard the NOAA WP-3D, the CSL mobile laboratory, and at ground sites.


Matt Coggon, Carsten Warneke

Key Publications

Yuan, B., A. Koss, C. Warneke, J. B. Gilman, B. M. Lerner, H. Stark, and J. A. de Gouw, A high-resolution time-of-flight chemical ionization mass spectrometer utilizing hydronium ions (H3O+ ToF-CIMS) for measurements of volatile organic compounds in the atmosphere, Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, doi:10.5194/amt-9-2735-2016, 2016.

Koss, A. R., C. Warneke, B. Yuan, M. M. Coggon, P. R. Veres, and J. A. de Gouw, Evaluation of NO+ reagent ion chemistry for on-line measurements of atmospheric volatile organic compounds, Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, doi:10.5194/amt-9-2909-2016, 2016.