SUNVEx 2021 Emissions

LA Emissions Inventory

The files provided here are a high-resolution (1.3km) fuel-based on-road emission inventory and total anthropogenic emissions inventory for June 2021 over southern California. Files are netCDF format and weekday, saturday, and sunday emissions are in separate folders, each split into two files with 12 hours of data in UTC. Emissions for gaseous species are in mol/km2/hr. The evaluation of this emission inventory is currently under review for publication.

The on-road emissions are a modified version of the Fuel-based Inventory for Vehicle Emissions (FIVE) (Harkins et al., 2021) with key modifications including gridding at 1.3km resolution and the inclusion of a light-/medium-duty diesel vehicle category. This vehicle category is distributed with the spatial pattern of light-duty gasoline vehicles, the temporal pattern of heavy-duty diesel vehicles, and accounts for 20% of on-road diesel fuel usage. In comparison to the existing FIVE inventory, this reapportionment results in higher on-road NOx emissions overall, especially on weekdays, and more emissions attributed to light-duty vehicle spatial patterns.

Emissions in the total anthropogenic emissions file include these on-road emissions, fuel-based off-road emissions from engines used in agricultural and construction equipment (Harkins et al., 2021), area and point sources scaled to 2021 from the National Emissions Inventory (NEI2017), oil and gas emissions from the Fuel-based Oil and Gas Inventory (Francoeur et al., 2021), and ocean-going vessels and Mexico emissions from the CAMS inventory (Granier et al., 2019). Emissions from these individual categories.

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