Administrative Office

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Reference: Internal resources for CSL administrative support staff and CSL users (Intranet access required)

Angela Nyul, Administrative Officer (AO)

NOAA Chemical Sciences Laboratory
325 Broadway R/CSL1
Boulder, CO 80305 USA


The focus of the Administrative Office (AO) is manage both the day-to-day and long term administration of the Chemical Sciences Laboratory, including such tasks as implementation of the financial budget, record keeping for and oversight of the divisional personal property, management of divisional time and attendance records, and oversight of divisional travel. The goal of the Administrative Office is to excel in the execution of these tasks, thereby ensuring the smooth operation of the division.

To achieve this goal, the AO staff must remain cognizant of the administrative requirements from many organizational layers, such as the Department of Commerce (DoC), National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research (OAR), and Earth System Research Laboratories (ESRL).

In this role, the Administrative Office staff provide a bridge between the science staff and mission and the institutional business requirements, regulations, and practices.

Administrative Support

Administrative support staff in the lab, while not organizationally included in the Administrative Office, work closely with AO staff to directly provide the research programs with the institutional support necessary for the science mission.

In doing so, these administrative support assistants act as "adjunct" members of the Chemical Sciences Laboratory Administrative Office, and complete the institutional communication and administration pathways that extend from the divisional research groups out to the larger organizational entities.