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Climate Briefing

NOAA Aeronomy Laboratory Director, Dr. Daniel L. Albritton, provided testimony on climate change research before the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Science March 14, 2001. Climate Change: The State of the Science provides a detailed account of the hearing. Dan also presented a climate briefing to members of the President Bush administration, as part of their global warming policy formulation, in early June 2001. Titled "What We Know & What We Don't Know" about climate change, Dan's effective way of communicating science received national attention.

10 June 2001 NYT article

On Sunday, June 10, 2001, The New York Times told the world about something we at the NOAA Aeronomy Lab are quite familiar with... the unique, highly memorable, and very effective viewgraphs created by our director Dr. Daniel L. Albritton. "You'll Want to Take Note Notes, Folks. There Will Be a Test." by journalist Andrew C. Revkin shared two of the viewgraphs with readers; we thought you'd like to see 'the rest of the story' given by the full set of what the newspaper called Dan's 'Climate 101' briefing.

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