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Scientific Leadership Awards recipients of the Ozone Awards 2017 program

1 December 2017

author team
Scientific Leadership Award to Guus Velders' Team. Photo: Helen Walter-Terrinoni, DuPont
Scientific Leadership Award recipients. A.R. Ravishankara (Colorado) pictured center. Photo: D. Fahey, NOAA
plenary session
Montreal plenary session 22 November 2017. Photo: Francis Dejon, IISD/ENB

Announcing CSD recipients of Scientific Leadership Awards from the Ozone Awards 2017 program, managed under the auspices of the Ozone Secretariat of the Montreal Protocol.

John Daniel and David Fahey shared in the Scientific Leadership Award to the author team received by Guus Velders of the National Instituted for Public Health and the Environment in The Netherlands.

The Velders team wrote a paper (Velders, G.J.M., D.W. Fahey, J.S. Daniel, M. McFarland, and S.O. Andersen, The large contribution of projected HFC emissions to future climate forcing, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, doi:10.1073/pnas.0902817106, 2009) evaluating the future global use of HFCs that set in motion years of negotiation within the Montreal Protocol culminating in the adoption of the Kigali Amendment last year. The amendment will phasedown future global use of HFCs in order to protect climate.

The team pictured left to right: David Fahey (Colorado) Director of NOAA ESRL CSD; Marco Gonzalez (Costa Rica) former Executive Secretary of the Ozone Secretariat; Mack McFarland (Texas, retired) former member of the Aeronomy Laboratory followed by many years as Global Environmental Manager for DuPont's fluorochemical business; Guus Velders (The Netherlands) long standing contributor to the UNEP/WMO Ozone Assessments; Steve Andersen (Washington DC, retired), former member of the ozone protection group at EPA and of the Technology and Economic Assessment Panel of the Montreal Protocol; John Daniel (Colorado) member of CSD's Chemistry and Climate Processes research group.

A.R. (Ravi) Ravishankara was awarded an individual Scientific Leadership Award. Ravi retired from CSD several years ago and was a Co-Chair of the Scientific Assessment Panel of the Montreal Protocol while he was NOAA ESRL CSD Director.

The awards were presented at the annual meeting of the Parties to the Montreal Protocol in Montreal, Quebec, Canada last week. This year marks the 30th anniversary of the signing of the Protocol in Montreal.