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New York Investigations of Consumer Emissions (NYICE)

20 March 2018

data display from the streets of NYC
A data collection computer monitor mounted in the CSD Mobile Laboratory shows high monoterpenes (red) and siloxanes (light blue) together with the incredible variability of benzene and toluene (blue and pink) with lots of people in the streets of Times Square. Photo: C. Warneke, NOAA / CIRES

Researchers drove an instrumented van (CSD's mobile laboratory) into New York City for the New York Investigations of Consumer Emissions (NYICE) project. Investigators are particularly interested in volatile organic compound (VOC) emission source areas in and around the New York City (NYC) metropolitan area (comprised of portions of New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut in and around NYC). Researchers parked the mobile lab at City College of New York last week, taking measurements among a dense population as a ground site. This week, researchers acquired data during daytime drives up and down Manhattan, staying close to Times Square at morning and evening rush hour, and around the metro area.

The weather is making headlines with yet another Nor'easter hitting the city tomorrow. Winter storms have prevented any single day of stagnation and pollution increase, with concentrations lower than they have been all season.