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Bob Banta receives NOAA Distinguished Career Award

6 May 2019

Bob Banta
Dr. Robert M. Banta

Dr. Robert M. Banta receives a 2019 NOAA Distinguished Career Award for Scientific Achievement, for "developing and advancing atmospheric LIDAR observations that improved weather forecast models and our understanding of boundary layer processes." Bob is highly deserving of this award for his many contributions to CSD and many years of Federal service.

The Distinguished Career award is given to those who have contributed a significant body of professional work and who have helped achieve NOAA's mission over the course of their careers. Rather than honoring just a single accomplishment, this award recognizes those who have continued to meet and exceed expectations in their field during their tenure at NOAA.

Dr. Banta was nominated for three decades of achievements at NOAA, during which time he has expanded the capability and impact of atmospheric lidar techniques for advancing knowledge of boundary layer processes. His work was the driving force in many research areas and has directly led to advancements in weather forecasting, air quality forecasting, and an improved understanding of the impact of weather on air quality. His work on the Doppler lidar also stimulated and guided commercial development of this technology.

Bob Banta
Bob receiving the NOAA Distinguished Career Award at the NOAA Science Center. Photo: L. Darby, NOAA

Bob retired earlier this year after 30 years with NOAA and a total of 40 years of Federal service, and currently has a CIRES appointment with CSD's Atmospheric Remote Sensing research group. He receives this well-deserved recognition at the award ceremony on May 14 at the NOAA Science Center, OAR Headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland.