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The Climate Crisis on NPR TED Radio Hour

7 June 2019

National Public Radio (NPR) airs the TED Radio Hour episode Climate Crisis. There's no greater threat to humanity than climate change. What can we do to stop the worst consequences? This hour, TED speakers explore how we can save our planet and whether we can do it in time.

In Part 3 of the TED Radio Hour episode Climate Crisis, NPR interviews CSD's Sean Davis on What Can We Learn From The Global Effort To Save The Ozone Layer? [segment transcript]. In 1988, the Montreal Protocol was the first step in a long process to save the ozone layer. Sean Davis explains the impact of the agreement, and the lessons we can apply to the crisis we face today.

Sean Davis is a research scientist at NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory CSD. He studies long-term change in the chemical composition and circulation of the stratosphere, with an emphasis on human-caused perturbations to the Earth's protective ozone layer and their impact on climate at the surface.