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CU Boulder among top 10 institutions for Earth and environmental sciences

19 June 2019

Ten institutions in the Nature Index were the largest contributors to papers in Earth and environmental sciences published in 82 leading journals in 2018. The University of Colorado Boulder weighed in with 258 articles, including collaborative studies from Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences (CIRES) authors.

Almetric score

Last year CIRES researchers at CSD led a study that investigated the impact of household products on air pollution. Volatile chemical products emerging as largest petrochemical source of urban organic emissions was published in Science. The Nature Index highlighted this paper for so far having the highest Altmetric score of all articles produced by CU Boulder.

An Altmetric score for research outputs, such as scholarly articles and datasets as this, provides an indicator of the amount of attention it receives online. The Almetric score for the paper was also in the top 5% of all research scored by Altmetric at the time, including mentions from over 200 news outlets and over 700 tweets.