2020 News & Events

CSL at NOAA Boulder 8th Grade Science Days

9 October 2020

Virtual 8th Grade Science Days at NOAA Boulder launches Friday, October 9th. Students have the ability to put on their science caps and spend time in the shoes of scientists studying anything from the floor of the ocean, through Earth's atmosphere, to the surface of the sun. For over 10 years NOAA has brought 250 eighth graders to the David Skaggs Research Center (DSRC) in Boulder, Colorado to spend the day with many different scientists, and learn what they do in their labs, forecasting offices and research settings. This year our facilities are closed to visitors, so we brought this event virtually to many more students.

The event includes eight topics, each with a video and activity. The videos were all recorded by NOAA Boulder scientists in August and September of 2020. The activities were created to be done with minimal supplies. They can be used by students in the classroom or at home, in a group or individually. 8th Grade Science Days is available all school year.

The topic on air quality research is presented by CSL's Matt Coggon. He describes what creates air pollution, or smog, and demonstrates smog produced from just a lemon in The Particles We Breathe. The related activity is on the Layers of the Atmosphere . Learn more about CSL research.