2023 News & Events

CIRES IRP Awarded Research from CSL

17 November 2023

The CIRES Innovative Research Program (IRP) annual poster session and reception was held on November 16 in the CIRES Atrium at the University of Colorado Boulder. The reception featured the research results of previous years' IRP winners. CIRES researchers from CSL presented posters for:

Zuraski presents poster
A Small, Fast-Response, High Precision, Mid-Infrared Spectroscopic Instrument for Atmospheric NO2 Investigator/Presenter: Kristen Zuraski
Robinson presents poster
An On-Line Source for the Production and Calibration of Hydroxy Nitrates of Atmospheric Importance Investigator: Chelsea Stockwell, Presenter: Michael A. Robinson

The IRP is an internal competition designed to stimulate a creative research environment within CIRES and to encourage synergy between disciplines and research colleagues. The program encourages novel, unconventional or fundamental research that might otherwise be difficult to fund. CIRES-wide competitions are conducted each year to foster an innovative research environment where risk taking is allowed and even encouraged.