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The Polar Vortex Blog at NOAA Climate.gov

6 December 2023

polar vortex
The polar vortex is in the polar stratosphere, above the layer of the atmosphere (the troposphere) where most weather, including the jet stream, occurs. Graphic: NOAA Climate.gov

NOAA Climate.gov launches a new blog to focus on the stratospheric polar vortex, a weather phenomenon that has gained widespread attention in recent years. Beginning with the first post today, Welcome to the Polar Vortex Blog, the blog will shed light on this frigid phenomenon in posts between December and March.

The Polar Vortex Blog is written, edited, and moderated by Amy Butler, a research scientist at the NOAA Chemical Sciences Laboratory and an expert on the stratosphere and its influence on weather, and Laura Ciasto, a meteorologist at the NOAA Climate Prediction Center. Editorial and graphics support comes from the Climate.gov graphics and data visualization team with the NOAA Climate Program Office (CPO).

"Few topics capture our readers' interest like the polar vortex," said Rebecca Lindsey, the managing editor with NOAA CPO, on the blog's introductory installment. "We plan to feed that interest with the launch of a new blog dedicated the winds, climate, and chemistry of the polar stratosphere."