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Chelsea Thompson receives NOAA Silver Sherman Award

20 February 2024

NOAA Silver Sherman

CSL's Chelsea Thompson receives a NOAA Silver Sherman Award. This award was initiated during Dr. Kathy Sullivan's tenure as NOAA Administrator, to recognize individuals who excel in their work, achieve a milestone that contributes significantly or critically towards a particular program's goal, or demonstrate leadership toward process improvement of a significant magnitude. Dr. Sullivan was particularly invested in reaching down into the organization to recognize those who made extraordinary efforts to keep the mission moving forward.

Chelsea is recognized "for outstanding support of the 2022 UNEP/WMO (United Nations Environment Programme/World Meteorological Organization) Scientific Assessment of Ozone Depletion. Her experience and training as a scientist, her imagination and skills as a graphic artist, her attention to detail, and people skills were essential aspects in producing these exceptional documents that have been distributed to all nations of the world."

Chelsea Thompson NOAA Silver Sherman award certificate
Chelsea Thompson's NOAA Silver Sherman award certificate

Chelsea was recognized by CSL Director David Fahey, and receives her NOAA Silver Sherman award certificate at the lab winter social on 20 February 2024. The pin that accompanies this award "... is dubbed the 'Silver Sherman' because it features Sherman the Shark from Jim Toomey's popular daily comic Sherman's Lagoon. Artist and conservationist Jim Toomey has long been a friend of NOAA. Besides sharing the exploits of the comic strip's namesake shark and his underwater friends, Mr. Toomey uses the cartoon to educate his readers about the environment."