Joint ITCT 2k2 and PEACE-B Data Workshop, Boulder, CO, March 5-6, 2003

The goal was to emphasize and encourage the scientific analysis of the results and briefly review the status of the final data sets. Many lead authors of proposed or in progress papers gave presentations summarizing the analysis planned for each paper. Representatives from several measurement and modeling groups attended to speak to their group's measurements/model results and to their scientific interests with regard to analysis and publications. Any questions may be directed to David Parrish at NOAA.

AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco, CA, December 6-10 2002

In addition to the successful sessions at AGU, those in San Francisco held a short science meeting, at which several issues were raised. These included:

  1. Data Analysis Workshop. The Aeronomy Laboratory will host a joint ITCT 2K2 and PEACE-B data workshop in Boulder, Colorado during the week of March 3-7. A 2 day meeting was proposed for Wednesday and Thursday, March 5 and 6. A final decision on the dates would follow, with more details.
  2. Final Data Archive. A pressing need to finalize the data set that has been collected resulted in a deadline of January 31, 2003 set for turning in final data. David Parrish will be working with Donna Sueper to personally contact all P.I.'s from the WP-3D to finalize that data set. David requested that Allen Goldstein work with the Trinidad Head folks to come up with a format for the final data from that site. Please work hard to meet that deadline, which gives 4 - 5 weeks to examine the final data before the workshop. The ITCT 2k2 website will be updated and maintained as a useful link to the data archive.
  3. Journal Special Issue. A special issue of a journal would be appropriate for publication of a majority of the papers to come from the ITCT 2K2 study (perhaps combined with PEACE-B). The obvious journal is J. Geophys. Res., although given the state of chaos with that journal, there was some discussion to use a different journal (J. Atmos. Chem., Geophys. Res Lett., Atmos. Chem. and Phys.??) In the age of electronic publishing, papers are officially published as they pass through the review process, and the special issue comes about when the papers are collected together and printed in a single issue. A date of October 31, 2003 was set as the deadline for submitting all articles that will definitely be included in any special issue that results. It was emphasized that each paper must stand alone as a scientific paper and that there will be little if any opportunity for project overview papers. A list of papers that folks are writing or planning to write will be posted and updated on the web site as a means to facilitate discussion and avoid duplicative efforts. Please send David Parrish titles of papers that you plan to write.
  4. Model results. There was some discussion of the need to make the model results available to all participants. Rather than attempt to come up with a common mechanism for accomplishing this availability, individuals are asked to contact the modeling groups as needed. Links to the web sites of the modeling groups will be maintained on the ITCT 2k2 web site.