LLLJP Instrumentation: Scintec MFAS Phased Array SODAR

SODAR photo

Scintec MFAS Phased Array SODAR had a vertical measurement range from 40 to 500 m. It provided profiles of the horizontal wind speed and direction, or the north-south, east-west, and vertical velocity components at 10 m vertical resolution. Data were averaged over 10 min intervals, with a precision of 0.3 m s-1. This instrument employs a phased-array antenna that can provide nine electronically steerable beams emitting up to 10 frequencies. The antenna is installed within an octagonal acoustic enclosure designed to reduce environmental noise at the antenna itself. The antenna was located 109 m southeast of the tower base at the same elevation. This location was chosen to be as close as possible to the tower to obtain a better comparison of sodar derived winds with those directly measured by instruments on the tower.