A pilot Aerosol Microphysics Network

Near real-time Data

The most recent, preliminary 1-sec POPS data from each POPSnet site are transmitted over the cellular network to NOAA CSL. These data, as well as hourly and daily average time-series data from each POPSnet site and average size distributions, may be viewed:

Data Policy: We request the proper acknowledgement to the "NOAA Chemical Sciences Laboratory" for the use of these data or plots. If the use of this data constitutes a major or reasonably significant aspect of a publication, or for co-authorship or collaboration, please discuss with the contact scientists.

Points of Contact: Lizzy Asher, NOAA /CIRES and Troy Thronberry, NOAA

Supporting Data

Asher, E., T. Thornberry, D.W. Fahey, A. McComiskey, K. Carslaw, S. Grunau, K.-L. Chang, H. Telg, and R.-S. Gao, A novel network-based approach to determining measurement representation error for model evaluation of aerosol microphysical properties, Environmental Science & Technology, doi:10.1029/2021JD035485, 2022. supporting dataset