Electra Platform Info

NCAR / NSF Electra

NCAR Research Aircraft Facility at Jefferson County Airport, CO manages aircraft assets for highly sophisticated airborne air chemistry and aerosol research. Among them are NSF research aircraft and an Electra, four engine turbo-prop aircraft requested for this project.

Specifications and Operational Parameters

Ceiling7.6 km
Research Speed100-150 m/s
Range1500+ nm
Endurance6 hrs
Max Science Payload~ 2700 kg

The operating range is ample to permit sampling of the primary pollution source regions, and to follow the transport and transformation of their emissions across Texas. We estimate the range of the Electra operating out of Ellington Field will be 700 nautical miles, assuming a return to Ellington. The above-cited operational range is an estimate and actual range is determined by how much fuel can be loaded within the maximum aircraft gross weight limit of 116,000 lbs. We anticipate the aircraft to be 'max zero fuel weight' limited, i.e., with the fuselage loaded to capacity.