LaPorte Ground Site Measurements

Statement of Work

GC/MS Measurements of VOCs

Tom Jobson, NOAA Aeronomy Lab

Measurements of VOCs will be made once an hour with the aim to gather information on

  1. C4-C11 hydrocarbon mixing ratios (various alkanes, alkenes, and aromatics)
  2. Role of halogen atom chemistry from industrial emissions. Specific photoproducts of Cl and Br reactions with alkenes will be measured. (i.e. chloroacetone and bromoacetone, others)
  3. Parent / product relationships. Measurements of precursor alkane and corresponding photoproducts for a few selected species will be made. Photoproduct species include carbonyl compounds and alkylnitrates.
  4. We will also try to identify and measure compounds specific to particular petrochemical plants, in particular the large olefin emitters.