CSL Seminar Series:

2019 Past Seminars

13 November 2019 Recent trends in wildfire and strategies for adaptation in the western US
Speaker: Tania Schoennagel, University of Colorado
6 November 2019 A Review of Ice Particle Shapes in Cirrus formed In Situ and in Anvils
Speaker: Sarah Woods, Stratton Park Engineering Company (SPEC)
22 October 2019 Quantifying Upstream and Downstream Emissions from Oil and Natural Gas
Speaker: Brian McDonald, NOAA ESRL CSD and CU CIRES
9 October 2019 Diagnosing the ascending branch of the Brewer-Dobson circulation from measurements of water vapor
Speaker: Ken Minschwaner, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
4 October 2019 Operational Aerosol Retrievals from NASA’s Multi-angle Imaging SpectroRadiometer (MISR) and the Pathway to Estimates of Ground-Based Particulate Matter
Speaker: Michael Garay, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
28 August 2019 POPS: A Portable Optical Particle Spectrometer for atmospheric research
Speaker: Ru-Shan Gao, NOAA ESRL CSD
22 August 2019 Compact Automatic Rotational Raman Lidar for Day-and Nighttime Temperature and Humidity Profiling up to the Turbulence Scale (joint with PSD)
Speaker: Andreas Behrendt, University of Hohenheim
10 July 2019 Dusty cities and smoky skies: Photochemistry and optical properties of tomorrow's urban particulate matter
Speaker: Sarah Styler, University of Alberta, Canada
12 June 2019 Sensitivity of stratospheric ozone changes to stratospheric aerosol geoengineering
Speaker: Simone Tilmes, NCAR
15 May 2019 Seasonal, Spatial, and Long-term Variability of Fine Mineral Dust and Coarse Mass across the United States
Speaker: Jenny Hand, Colorado State University
1 May 2019 Laboratory and Field Measurements of Trace Gas Reactions at the Air-Ocean Interface
Speaker: Tim Bertram, University of Wisconsin
26 April 2019 On science informing international policy: Are emissions of a banned ozone-depleting substance still increasing, and what's being done about it? (joint with GMD)
Speaker: Steve Montzka, NOAA ESRL Global Monitoring Division
17 April 2019 HRRR-Smoke: A high-resolution rapidly updating coupled modeling system to forecast smoke, visibility and smoke-weather interactions over the US
Speaker: Ravan Ahmadov, NOAA ESRL Global Systems Division
20 March 2019 The Asian summer monsoon Chemical and Climate Impact Project (ACCLIP)
Speaker: Laura Pan, NCAR
8 March 2019 History (and Future) of the Atmosphere: Emissions Data, Modeling, and Uncertainty
Speaker: Steve Smith, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
13 February 2019 Modeling Aerosols in the Stratosphere: Background and Smoke
Speaker: Pengfei Yu, NOAA ESRL CSD and CU CIRES