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2023 Past Seminars

6 December 2023
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A Strategic Approach to Climate Modeling for Environmental Security
Speaker: Richard (Ricky) Rood, University of Michigan
15 November 2023 Atmospheric Chemistry of Volatile Methyl Siloxanes - Kinetics, Oxidation Mechanism, and Aerosol Formation from Experimental and Theoretical Investigations
Speaker: Ellie Browne, University of Colorado Boulder and CIRES
18 October 2023 Measurements of Air Pollution and Greenhouse Gases in the Mid-Atlantic Region
Speaker: Xinrong Ren, NOAA Air Resources Laboratory
4 October 2023 A dual-wavelength photothermal aerosol absorption monitor: design, calibration, performance and measurements of coated soot
Speaker: Griša Močnik, University of Nova Gorica
28 September 2023 Desert Dust and the Atmospheric Microbiome: Microorganisms Transport in the Eastern Mediterranean
Speaker: Yinon Rudich, The Weizmann Institute
21 September 2023 Linking gas, particulate, and toxic endpoints to air emissions in the Community Regional Atmospheric Chemistry Multiphase Mechanism (CRACMM)
Speaker: Havala Pye, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
13 September 2023 Aerosols and Climate Risk
Speaker: Geeta G. Persad, University of Texas at Austin
7 September 2023 The fall and rise (?) of the global model
Speaker: Johannes Muelmenstaedt, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
6 September 2023 The Coming Surge in Spaceflight Emissions
Speaker: Marty Ross, The Aerospace Corporation
30 August 2023 Addressing health impacts and inequities from air pollution and climate change: New insights leveraging novel satellite and modeling datasets
Speaker: Susan Anenberg, George Washington University
23 August 2023 What explains the population of daytime, optically-thin clouds below one km in the marine trade wind region?
Speaker: Paquita Zuidema, University of Miami
26 July 2023 The Drivers and Consequences of Social Vulnerability to Disasters
Speaker: Fernando Tormos-Aponte, University of Pittsburgh, Wendy Prudencio and Gwendolyn Alexandre, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
19 July 2023 A Dive into the NASA ACTIVATE Mission
Speaker: Armin Sorooshian, University of Arizona
28 June 2023 Morphological Transformations of Ice Crystals formed from Pure Water and Solutions
Speaker: Jerry Harrington, Pennsylvania State University
12 June 2023 The tropical tropopause under the scrutiny of long-duration balloon flights
Speaker: Albert Hertzog, Sorbonne Université
17 May 2023 Cloudwater Photochemistry in a Changing World
Speaker: Ran Zhao, University of Alberta, Canada
10 May 2023 Research Infrastructure for Global-Scale Atmosphere Monitoring by Passenger Aircraft to support atmospheric science research
Speaker: Bastien Sauvage, Paul Sabatier University, France
3 May 2023 Embracing the 3D nature of clouds for observing and studying cloud-aerosol-radiation interactions
Speaker: Christine Chiu, Colorado State University
20 April 2023 Strong cloud-circulation coupling explains weak trade cumulus feedback
Speaker: Raphaela Vogel, University of Hamburg, Germany
25 January 2023 The response of the North Pacific jet and stratosphere-to-troposphere transport of ozone over western North America to RCP8.5 climate forcing
Speaker: Dillon Elsbury, CU CIRES and NOAA CSL
11 January 2023 Understanding and communicating the impacts of climate change: A tour through recent work in EPA's Climate Science & Impacts Branch
Speaker: Erin McDuffie, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency