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2024 Past Seminars

16 April 2024
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Inter- and intra-plume variability in smoke aerosol aging
Speaker: Jeff Pierce, Colorado State University
10 April 2024
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The Baltimore Social-Environmental Collaborative (BSEC) Urban Integrated Field Laboratory
Speaker: Benjamin Zaitchik, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore
3 April 2024
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Ocean biogeochemistry control on the atmospheric chemistry: new insights into decades-old problems
Speaker: Siyuan Wang, CU CIRES at NOAA CSL
27 March 2024
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Risks and benefits of climate intervention via stratospheric aerosol injection of solid particles
Speaker: Sandro Vattioni, ETH Zurich
15 February 2024
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The GOSAT-GW greenhouse gas observing mission: Concept and science
Speaker: Hiroshi Tanimoto, National Institute for Environmental Studies, Japan
14 February 2024
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Untangling aerosol-cloud interactions with machine learning
Speaker: Duncan Watson-Parris, University of California San Diego
24 January 2024
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Metals from the reentry of spacecraft in stratospheric particles
Speaker: Dan Murphy, NOAA CSL