Workshop Home

  • Workshop Coordinator:
  • Greg Frost (NOAA)
  • Organizing Committee:
  • Veronique Bouchet (EC)
  • Greg Carmichael (U. Iowa)
  • Paula Davidson (NOAA)
  • Mike Howe (EC)
  • Jim Meagher (NOAA)
  • Craig Stroud (EC)
Annual Workshops

International Workshop on Air Quality Forecasting Research

2-3 December 2009, NOAA David Skaggs Research Center, Boulder, CO, USA

The goal of the 1st International Workshop on Air Quality Forecasting Research (IWAQFR) is to provide a venue for the discussion of science issues and advancements related to air quality forecasting. Workshop objectives include improving operational air quality forecasts, promoting collaborations among air quality forecasting researchers and practitioners, and nurturing an international air quality forecasting community.

The 2009 workshop is the first of an anticipated annual series of meetings. The US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and Environment Canada's Meteorological Service (EC) will sponsor the first two workshops.

The target audience of the workshop includes:

  • Those directly involved in developing operational air quality forecast models;
  • Those involved in research specifically targeted at supporting operational forecasts;
  • Those working to improve predictive capabilities in areas of particular interest to air quality forecasting; and
  • Operational users of air quality forecast models.

The agenda (English | French) of the first annual workshop consists of a Plenary Session and 5 Theme Areas with oral and poster presentations. Each oral session will include ample time for general discussion.

  • Plenary Session:
    • Research Needs from the Practitioner's Perspective
      Chair: Jim Meagher (NOAA)
      Speakers: Keith Puckett (EC), Paula Davidson (NOAA), Adrian Simmons (ECMWF)
  • Theme Areas:
    • Challenges in Particulate Matter Forecasting
      Chair: Jerome Fast (PNNL)
    • Chemical Data Assimilation in Air Quality Forecasts
      Chair: Greg Carmichael (U. Iowa)
    • Treating Intermittent Sources in Forecast Models
      Chair: Stuart McKeen (NOAA)
    • Post Processing of Air Quality Forecasts
      Chair: Mike Moran (EC)
    • Air Quality and Weather Forecasts: Two-way Interactions
      Chair: Veronique Bouchet (EC)