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Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy (CRDS)

temperature controlled reactor
CRDS temperature controlled reactor for pulsed laser photolysis

CRDS apparatus

Schematic of three CRDS experimental configurations

Principle of the Measurement

Cavity ring-down spectroscopy is a spectroscopic technique to measure the extinction (scattering + absorption) of a sample in a high-finesse optical cavity. The measured ring-down time constant, t, is related to the absorption coefficient, α(λ) by:


where λ is the CRD probe wavelength, A is the absorbing species, A()is the absorption cross section (cm2 molecule-1) of A at wavelength λ, d is the optical cavity path length (cm), Ls is the path length (cm) of the absorbing sample, c is the speed of light, and τ(λ) and τ0(λ) t0(l) are the ring-down time constants (s) with and without the absorber present.

Technical Specifications

Species Measured: NO3, O3, acetyl radical, halons etc.
Time Response: microseconds
Detection Limit: ppb to ppt (dependent on molecules absorption cross section)
Sensitivity: 0.25 pptv for NO3 at 662 nm


Temperature and pressure dependent reaction rate coefficient measurements, reaction product yields, absorption spectra, photolysis quantum yields


Jim Burkholder

Key Publications

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