Chemical Processes & Instrument Development: Projects

Laboratory Studies

Research studies in the laboratory focus primarily on the fundamental processes that occur in the atmosphere via the characterization of the chemical and physical properties of atmospheric trace species. Scientists develop experimental methods to measure the reactivity and photochemistry, as well as, the optical and physical properties of stable, transient, and radical species. Our laboratory instruments are used in combination to develop a more comprehensive picture for a specific species or process.

Photochemical and Kinetics Studies Stratospheric Chlorine Chemistry
Photochemical and kinetics studies and stratospheric chlorine chemistry in the CPID labs. Learn more about our Laboratory Studies

Field Campaigns

FIREX FireLab, Missoula, Montana. Wildfires have implications for air quality and carbon release, and changes in climate sharpen the problems involving widfires in the western U.S. The Fire Influence on Regional and Global Environments Experiment (FIREX) is a coordinated research effort to understand and predict the impact of North American fires on the atmosphere and ultimately support better land management. Laboratory studies at the USDA Fire Sciences Lab in Missoula commence in the fall of 2016. More Info

stack burn
Fire Science Lab stack burn