Chemical Processes & Instrument Development: Instruments

Gas Chromatography (Flame Ionization Detection-Electron Capture) Mass Spectrometer (GC/(FID-EC)/MS)

GC/(FID-EC)/MS instrument
Agilent 8890/5977B GC/MSD

Principle of the Measurement

Separation of compounds by volatility using gas chromatography, followed by detection of mass spectra using electron impact ionization, or through combustion giving a signal proportional to the total amount of reduced carbon.

Technical Specifications

GC specifications:
Sample inlet with split-splitless capability
Oven temperature range: -80 - 450 °C:
Liquid N2 cryogenic capability
GC Detectors (in addition to MS):

MS specifications:
Bakeable Quadrupole
Mass range: 1.6–1050 amu
Mass resolution: 1 amu
Instrument Detection Limit: 1-20 fg


Relative Rate (RR) kinetic measurements
Reaction product measurements
Sample purity


Jim Burkholder