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Total Reactive Nitrogen (Nr)

Nr instrument
Nr instrument in the laboratory

Principle of the Measurement

Catalytic conversion of all nitrogen species, except for N2 and N2O, to nitic oxide (NO), and detection by NO-O3 chemiluminescence.

Species Measured

All N-containing species besides N2 and N2O. The method has been verified for a range of organic and inorganic N species.

Time Response

1 second

Detection Limit

Precision on 1s data ±0.1ppbv


± (10% + 0.1ppbv)


This instrument has been used to measure Nr in fire emissions during the 2016 FireLab experiment, as well as a detector for laboratory experiments on the solubility of reduced N species, HNCO, CH3NCO and XCN (X= Cl, Br, and I). The measurement of sources of Nr compounds for the calibration of other instruments has been another important use of this instrument.


James Roberts

Key Publications

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