Tropospheric Chemistry: Instruments

ARNOLD (Atmospheric Ring-down Nitrogen Oxide Laser Detector)

ARNOLD on aircraft
ARNOLD deployed on NOAA WP-3D aircraft

Principle of the Measurement

Diode laser cavity ring down spectroscopy

Species Measured

NO3, NO5, NO2, NO, O3 (NOy under development)

Time Response / Detection Limit

1 second / 0.5 pptv NO3, 1 pptv N2O5, 50 pptv NO2

Field Projects

Key Publications

Wagner, N. L., W. P. Dubé, R. A. Washenfelder, C. J. Young, I. B. Pollack, T. B. Ryerson, and S. S. Brown, Diode laser-based cavity ring-down instrument for NO3, N2O5, NO, NO2 and O3 from aircraft, Atmos. Meas. Tech., doi:10.5194/amt-4-1227-2011, 2011.

Fuchs, H., W. P. Dubé, S. J. Ciciora, and S. S. Brown, Determination of Inlet Transmission and Conversion Efficiencies for in Situ Measurements of the Nocturnal Nitrogen Oxides, NO3, N2O5 and NO2, via Pulsed Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy, Anal. Chem., doi:10.1021/ac8007253, 2008.

Dubé, W. P., S. S. Brown, H. D. Osthoff, M. R. Nunley, S. J. Ciciora, M. W. Paris, R. J. McLaughlin, and A. R. Ravishankara, Aircraft instrument for simultaneous, in-situ measurements of NO3 and N2O5 via cavity ring-down spectroscopy, Rev. Sci. Instr., doi:10.1063/1061.2176058, 2006.