Tropospheric Chemistry: Instruments

Carbon Monoxide (CO)


CO instrument in pod on aircraft
Pod containing CO instrument installed on NOAA WP-3D aircraft

Principle of the Measurement

Vacuum ultraviolet resonance fluorescence

Species Measured


Time Response / Detection Limit

1 Hz / 1 ppbv

Field Projects

Key Publication

Holloway, J.S., R.O. Jakoubek, D.D. Parrish, C. Gerbig, A. Volz-Thomas, S. Schmitgen, A. Fried, B. Wert, B. Henry, and J.R. Drummond, Airborne intercomparison of vacuum ultraviolet fluorescence and tunable diode laser absorption measurements of tropospheric carbon monoxide, Journal of Geophysical Research, doi:10.1029/2000JD900237, 2000.