Tropospheric Chemistry: Instruments

PAN CIMS (Chemical Ionization Mass Spectrometer)

PAN CIMS instrument
PAN CIMS instrument in the laboratory

Principle of the Measurement

Chemical ionization mass spectrometric detection of carboxylate ions produced via reaction of thermally produced acylperoxy radicals with I-

Species Measured

Acyl peroxynitrate species, e.g. acetyl peroxynitrate (PAN), propionyl peroxynitrate (PPN), acryloyl peroxynitrate (APAN), methacryloyl peroxynitrate (MPAN) and crotonyl peroxynitrate (CPAN)
Nitryl Chloride (ClNO2)

Time Response

1 second

Detection Limit

Precision on 1s data 20 pptv


± (20% + 40 pptv) for PAN
± (20% + 40 pptv) for CINO2

Field Projects / Platforms

Key Publications

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