WP-3D Data ID Table

Parameter Data ID Data Columns PI(s)
Aircraft Position AircraftPos AOCTimewave, GpsLat, GpsLon, GpsAlt, PAlt, RAlt Ken Aikin
Aircraft Meteorological Conditions AircraftMet AOCTimewave, AmbTemp, DewPtTemp, EquivPotTemp, H2Omr, PotTemp, RelHumidity, StaticPrs,TDLH2O, VertWindSpd, WindDir, WindSpd Ken Aikin
Aircraft Miscellaneous AircraftMis AOCTimewave, Attack, CabinPrs, GndSpd, Heading, Pitch, Roll, Slip, TrueAirSpd, WASCanNumber, WASMotorCurrent, WASManifoldP Ken Aikin
Aircraft Extras AircraftExt AOCTimewave, DewPtTempTDL_f, RelHumidity_f, H2Omr_f, H2Ovp_f Ken Aikin Water vapor parameters derived from TDL instrument calibrated to dewpointer.
Carbon Monoxide (CO) CO AOCTimewave, CO_ppbv John Holloway
Carbon Dioxide (CO2) CO2 AOCTimewave, CO2_ppmv, CO2_ppmv_1sigma Jeff Peischl
Ethylene Ethylene TimeStart, TimeStop, Ethylene_ppbv Joost de Gouw, Carsten Warneke
1 second Formaldehyde (CH2O) on AOCTimewave CH2O-AOC AOCTimewave, CH2O_DFG_AOC_LOD_2Sig_pptv, CH2O_DFG_AOC_MR_pptv, CH2O_DFG_AOC_SMU_2Sig_pptv, CH2O_DFG_AOC_TMU_2Sig_pptv Dirk Richter,
Jim Walega,
Petter Weibring,
Alan Fried
1 second Formaldehyde (CH2O) CH2O-1Sec CH2O_DFG_01_AMV_2Sig_pptv, CH2O_DFG_01_LOD_2Sig_pptv, CH2O_DFG_01_MidSOD_secUTC, CH2O_DFG_01_MR_pptv, CH2O_DFG_01_SMU_2Sig_pptv, CH2O_DFG_01_StartSOD_secUTC, CH2O_DFG_01_StopSOD_secUTC, CH2O_DFG_01_TMU_2Sig_pptv Dirk Richter,
Jim Walega,
Petter Weibring,
Alan Fried
10 second Formaldehyde (CH2O) CH2O-10Sec CH2O_DFG_10_AMV_2Sig_pptv, CH2O_DFG_10_LOD_2Sig_pptv, CH2O_DFG_10_MidSOD_secUTC, CH2O_DFG_10_MR_pptv, CH2O_DFG_10_SMU_2Sig_pptv, CH2O_DFG_10_StartSOD_secUTC, CH2O_DFG_10_StopSOD_secUTC, CH2O_DFG_10_TMU_2Sig_pptv Dirk Richter,
Jim Walega,
Petter Weibring,
Alan Fried
60 second Formaldehyde (CH2O) CH2O-1Min CH2O_DFG_60_AMV_2Sig_pptv, CH2O_DFG_60_LOD_2Sig_pptv, CH2O_DFG_60_MidSOD_secUTC, CH2O_DFG_60_MR_pptv, CH2O_DFG_60_SMU_2Sig_pptv, CH2O_DFG_60_StartSOD_secUTC, CH2O_DFG_60_StopSOD_secUTC, CH2O_DFG_60_TMU_2Sig_pptv Dirk Richter,
Jim Walega,
Petter Weibring,
Alan Fried
Hydroxyl Radical (OH), Peroxy Radicals (HO2 and RO2) Sulfuric Acid (H2SO4) GITCIMS AOCTimewave, OH_nd, Sulf_nd, HO2RO2_nd Greg Huey
Nitric Acid (HNO3) HNO3 AOCTimewave, hno3_ppbv Andy Neuman
NO NO AOCTimewave, NO_ppbv, NO_1sigma Tom Ryerson
NO2 NO2 AOCTimewave, NO2_ppbv, NO2_1sigma Tom Ryerson
NOy NOy AOCTimewave, NOy_ppbv, NOy_1sigma Tom Ryerson
Ammonia (NH3) NH3 AOCTimewave, NH3_ppbv, NH3_1sigma John Nowak
NO3, N2O5, NO2 NO3N2O5 AOCTimewave, NO3_pptv, N2O5_pptv, NO2_CaRDS_ppbv Steve Brown
Ozone (O3) O3 AOCTimewave, O3_ppbv, O3_1sigma Tom Ryerson
PANs (PAN, PPN, etc.) PANs AOCTimewave, PAN_pptv, PPN_pptv, PBN_pptv, MPAN_pptv, APAN_pptv, MOPN_pptv, PBzN_pptv Frank Flocke
Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) SO2 AOCTimewave, SO2_ppbv John Holloway
Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) by whole air sampler technique. VOCsWAS > 80 compounds Elliot Atlas
Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) by proton transfer mass spectroscopy VOCsPTRMS AOCTimewave, acetaldehyde, acetic_acid, acetone, acetonitrile, benzene, C8_aromatics, C9_aromatics, DMS, isoprene, MEK, MVK_MACR, methanol, monoterpenes, toluene Joost de Gouw or Carsten Warneke Data are reported as measured at the same time; actual times vary slightly. Contact Joost for details.
Aerosol Bulk Non-Refractory Composition AMS AMS_Stop_Time, AMS_Org, AMS_SO4, AMS_NH4, AMS_NO3 Ann Middlebrook
Aerosol Bulk Ionic Composition PILSAnion Anion_start_UTC, Anion_mid_UTC, Anion_end_UTC, Chloride, Nitrate, Sulfate Rick Peltier
Aerosol Bulk Ionic Composition PILSCation Cation_start_UTC, Cation_mid_UTC, Cation_end_UTC, Ammonium, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium Rick Peltier
Aerosol Bulk Ionic Composition - water soluble organic carbon PILSWSOC WSOC_Start_UTC, WSOC_Mid_UTC, WSOC_Stop_UTC, WSOC_ug_C_m3 Rick Peltier
Cloud Condensation Nuclei CCN AOCTimewave, Number_Concentration, Supersaturation Thanos Nenes
Cavity Ring-down Extinction of Light by Aerosol CRDExt AOCTimewave, Ext532, AngExp, fRH85, AbsGreen Tahllee Baynard
Aerosol Size, Number, Surface, Volume Distribution (NOAA Aerosol) NAerosol AOCTimewave, nfine, sfine, vfine, ncoarse, scoarse, vcoarse Chuck Brock
Aerosol Single Particle Soot Photometer SP2 AOCTimewave, BC_ng_kg, BC_ng_m3, BC_ng_kg_10s, BC_ng_m3_10s Joshua Schwarz and Ryan Spackman
Actinic Flux (NOAA Spectrometer, ZAPHROD) jValCSD AOCTimewave, up, down and combined j values for 18 reactions Harald Stark
Actinic Flux (as calculated in the red AND blue wavelengths from NOAA Spectrometer, ZAPHROD) jNO3CSD AOCTimewave, comb_j_no3, D_j_no3, U_j_no3 Harald Stark