Ellington Field Site Logistics

Logistics timeline 5 June 2006 presentation by Fred Fehsenfeld
Office logistics 5 June 2006 presentation by Cathy Burgdorf
Ellington Field logistics 5 June 2006 presentation by Kathy Thompson
NWS Houston / Ellington, TX forecast
TexAQS Hurricane Evacuation Plan
AirportsHouston Airport System: Bush Intercontinental (IAH), Hobby (HOU), Ellington Field (EFD)
Directions from IAH to EFD: Exit the airport and follow signs to Beltway 8 and 59 (keep left for the ramp flyover onto 8). Take 59 South to downtown. Take 45 South towards Galveston.
Rental Cars

477 Bay Area Blvd
Houston, TX 77058
There is an Avis office in Clear Lake, located adjacent to the Mariott Residence Inn (see map). Participants transiting on aircraft platforms are encouraged to rent a car from Avis. Request rental location 'W5T' (the Clear Lake office). If making your reservations on the Internet, under 'additional remarks,' type 'Deliver to EFD.' Or, if you call the Avis 1-800 reservation number (1.800.331.7423) or the Clear Lake office directly, specify your request to the rental agent. The car will be waiting at Southwest Services when you land at Ellington Field. Southwest Services is on the other side of the old terminal at Ellington Field, approximately a quarter to a half a mile from Hangar 990 (see map). Southwest Services is open 24/7. There is no drop charge for picking up your car at Southwest Services or the Clear Lake office and returning it to the airport (Intercontinental or Hobby), or vice versa. If you have any questions, please call the Avis Clear Lake office directly.
Per diem is $92/nightAll participants have, but are not limited to, the following options (all provide complimentary high-speed wireless internet):
Homewood Suites Houston-Clear Lake"texaqs2" group rate $89/night
Marriott Residence Inn Houston Clear Lake"P3" group rate $92/night
Marriott TownePlace Suites Houston Clear Lakegovernment rate within per diem, closest proximity to Office (see map)
Official Guide to Houston
Restaurant recommendationsKML zipped file updated 6 October. Requires Google Earth freeware.
Houston-Clear Lake area mapincludes Bush Intercontinental, Hobby, and Ellington Field locations.
Clear Lake area mapincludes Ellington Field, FedEx, Office, and Lodging locations.
Lodging and Office area mapOffice facilities are 6 miles (~15 minute drive) from the hangar facilities at Ellington Field.
Ellington Field mapEllington facilities are Hangar 990, the Guppy Tent, and Southwest Services.
NASA JSC entrance mapParticipants that are cleared for access to the Ellington facilities must retrieve badges from the NASA JSC Badge Office (see map) before proceeding to the Ellington facilities. Hours of operation are 6:00 am - 7:30 pm weekdays and 7:00 am - 3:00 pm Saturday.
FedEx Service Center
12606 Fuqua Street
Houston, TX 77034
HOLD for pickup. Full Service location is just NW of Ellington Field (see map). Hours of operation are M-F 8:00am - 8:00pm, Sat 9:00am - 5:00pm
Ellington FieldHangar 990:
Building 994 / Ellington Field
Brantly Road
Houston, TX 77034
Attn: Gerd Hübler (cell 303.513.4342) for Your Team/Your Name
Send Gerd Hübler 2-3 day advance information regarding Ellington Field shipments, including delivery date and forklift requirements.
Guppy Tent:
Building 270 / Ellington Field
Houston, TX 77034
Attn: Gerd Hübler (cell 303.513.4342) for Your Team/Your Name
Atlas BuildingOffice:
Texas Air Quality Study
16821 Buccaneer Lane
Houston, TX 77058
281.486.1780 - fax
281.486.1791 - message phone, NASA King Air, NOAA Twin Otter, NOAA P3, satelitte observations, modeling and forecasting
281.486.1783 - project ops, NOAA P3, modeling and forecasting
281.486.1793 - CIRPAS Twin Otter
281.486.1763 - conference room
Office Space Plan
Floor PlanProject participants will have designated office space in Suites 200, 206, 216 on the 2nd floor of the "Atlas Building" with the Conference/Meeting room in Suite 111 on the 1st floor. Participants must acknowledge they have read the Building Rules and Regulations and agree to these terms to receive after hours access. Further information is available on site.
Computing & Networking

Cathy Burgdorf

Services active Tuesday
1 August 2006
Services terminate Thursday
12 October 2008

The project is contracting a dedicated 6Mbps symmetric Broadband internet connection. IP addresses will be assigned to hosts dynamically on a private subnet in a non NOAA domain. A firewall will be in place for this subnet. Its configuration limits traffic coming in, and allows typical services (i.e. ftp, http, ssh) going out. Specific service requests should be directed to project Computing & Networking support. Contact your local network administrators regarding necessary service requirements for access back through organizational firewalls.

The project will provide networked printers for general use: one black & white HP LaserJet and one color Tektronix Phaser. Printer drivers for Windows 2k, XP, Mac OSX.3.x, OSX.4.x, and configuration instructions will be available on site. Older operating systems will not be supported for network printing, though a serial connection to the LaserJet may be implemented if necessary.

A network device is any device connected to the net (i.e. computer, printer). For each network device identified, a twisted pair cable with a RJ-45 connector will be supplied. All other hardware required to connect and operate network devices is the responsibility of the participant. Any computer connected to the network must have current virus protection software and OS patches and updates. The project Computing & Networking support must have or be given administrator access on any machine that will remain connected to the network unattended at any time. Participants may find further network and resource details on site.