WP-3D Data

WP-3D Payload
Layout of instruments for this payload.

Integration Info
Engineering information on the aircraft for investigators.

Flight Plan
View the flight plans for each day.

Flight Track Map
Map of all the flight tracks for this mission.

Data Management Info
Information for investigators about file formats and how to submit data.

Data Policy
Data Policy for the Aerosol, Radiation, and Cloud Processes affecting Arctic Climate (ARCPAC) Program

Data Download
Download data for this mission.

Data Info
Information about data filenames, contents, measurement techniques.

Data ID Table
Table of file names for each instrument and the names of the parameters reported by the investigator.

Data Plots
View static plots of data for this mission.

Data Notices
Notices about data updates.

Document Download
Download kml files and useful libraries of Igor routines.

Online Plotting
Dynamically plot data for this mission.