WP-3D Data ID Table

AircraftMet AircraftMis AircraftPos AircraftExt SZA CO CO2 FlaskGG FlaskHaloC FlaskHydroC HalogenCIMS NO NO2 NOy O3 PANs SO2 SO2CIMS VOCsPTRMS AMS PILSAnion PILSCation PALMS AeroCoarse AeroFine AeroSDFine AeroSDTotal CCN CloudProbes CRDExt SP2 jValBlueCSD jValReBlCSD SSFR
Parameter Data ID Data Columns PI(s) Notes
Aircraft Meteorological Conditions AOCTimewave, AmbTemp, DewPtTemp, EquivPotTemp, H2Omr, PotTemp, RelHumidity, StaticPrs,TDLH2O, VertWindSpd, WindDir, WindSpd Ken Aikin
Aircraft Miscellaneous AOCTimewave, Attack, CabinPrs, GndSpd, Heading, Pitch, Roll, Slip, TrueAirSpd Ken Aikin
Aircraft Position AOCTimewave, GpsLat, GpsLon, GpsAlt, PAlt, RAlt Ken Aikin
Aircraft Extras AOCTimewave, DewPtTempTDL_f, H2Omr_f, H2Oppmv_f, H2Ovp_f, RelHumidity_f Ken Aikin
Solar Zenith Angle AOCTimewave, SZA_deg Harald Stark
Carbon Monoxide (CO) AOCTimewave, CO_ppbv John Holloway
Carbon Dioxide (CO2) AOCTimewave, CO2_ppmv, CO2_ppmv_1sigma Jeff Peischl
Greenhouse Gas Flask Data GMDflask_opentime, GMDflask_closetime, CH4, CO, CO2, H2, N2O, SF6 Carsten Warneke
Halocarbon Flask Data GMDflask_opentime, GMDflask_closetime, too many to list Carsten Warneke
Hydrocarbon Flask Data GMDflask_opentime, GMDflask_closetime, C2H2, C3H8, iC5H12, nC5H12, C6H6 Carsten Warneke
Halogen CIMS AOCTimewave, BrO_HalogenCIMS, BrCl_HalogenCIMS, Br2_HalogenCIMS Andy Neuman
NO AOCTimewave, NO_ppbv, NO_1sigma Tom Ryerson
NO2 AOCTimewave, NO2_ppbv, NO2_1sigma Tom Ryerson
NOy AOCTimewave, NOy_ppbv, NOy_1sigma Tom Ryerson
Ozone (O3) AOCTimewave, O3_ppbv, O3_1sigma Tom Ryerson
PANs (PAN, PPN) AOCTimewave, PAN_ppbv, PPN_ppbv Jim Roberts
Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) AOCTimewave, SO2_ppbv John Holloway
SO2 by CIMS AOCTimewave, SO2_ppbv_SO2CIMS, HNO3_ppbv_SO2CIMS John Nowak
Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) by proton transfer mass spectroscopy AOCTimewave, acetaldehyde, acetic_acid, acetone, acetonitrile, benzene, C8_aromatics, C9_aromatics, DMS, isoprene, MEK, MVK_MACR, methanol, monoterpenes, toluene Joost de Gouw or Carsten Warneke Data are reported as measured at the same time; actual times vary slightly. Contact Joost for details.
Aerosol Bulk Non-Refractory Composition AMS_Stop_Time, AMS_Org, AMS_SO4, AMS_NH4, AMS_NO3 Ann Middlebrook
Aerosol Bulk Ionic Composition Anion_start_UTC, Anion_mid_UTC, Anion_end_UTC, Chloride, Nitrate, Sulfate Rick Peltier
Aerosol Bulk Ionic Composition Cation_start_UTC, Cation_mid_UTC, Cation_end_UTC, Ammonium, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium Rick Peltier
Particle Analysis by Laser Mass Spectrometry PALMSstartTime, PALMSmidTime, PALMSstopTime, BioBurnFrac, MineralFrac, NAcid, NNeg, Npos, OrgMF, SeaSaltFrac, SootFrac, SulfAcid, SulfMF Dan Murphy
Aerosol Coarse Mode: Number, Surface, Volume (NOAA Aerosol) 30 sec. TimeStart/TimeStop, ncoarse, scoarse, vcoarse Chuck Brock/Julie Cozic
Aerosol Fine Mode: Number, Surface, Volume (NOAA Aerosol) AOCTimewave, nfine, sfine, vfine Chuck Brock/Julie Cozic
Aerosol Size Dist. Fine Mode (NOAA Aerosol) AOCTimewave, diamFine, dlogdFine, SDFine_dNdlogD Chuck Brock/Julie Cozic Size Dist. is in matrix
Aerosol Size Dist. Total (NOAA Aerosol) 30 sec. TimeStart/TimeStop, diamTotal, dlogdTotal, SDTotal_dNdlogD Chuck Brock/Julie Cozic Size Dist. is in matrix
Cloud Condensation Nuclei AOCTimewave, Number_Concentration, Supersaturation Thanos Nenes Uncertainty analysis
Cloud Probes AOCTimewave, CDP_dNdlogDp, CDP_Dp_thresholds, CDP_Num, CIP_dNdlogDp, CIP_Dp_thresholds, CIP_Num, Droplet_Flag, PIP_dNdlogDp, PIP_Dp_thresholds, PIP_Num, Precip_Flag Sara Lance
Cavity Ring-down Extinction of Light by Aerosol and Particle Soot Absorption Photometer AOCTimewave, AbsGreen, AlbedoGreen, AngstromAbsorption, AngstromExtinction, ExtGamma, ExtGreen, ExtIR, ScatGreen Dan Lack
Aerosol Single Particle Soot Photometer AOCTimewave, BC_ng_kg, BC_ng_m3 Joshua Schwarz, Ryan Spackman, Rushan Gao
UV Actinic Flux (NOAA Spectroradiometer, ZAPHROD) AOCTimewave, up, down and combined j values for 19 reactions Harald Stark
VIS Actinic Flux (NOAA Spectroradiometer, ZAPHROD) AOCTimewave, up, down and combined j values for Br2, BrCl, NO3, NO3_NO, NO3_NO2 Harald Stark
Solar Spectral Flux Radiometer and Pyrgeometer AOCTimewave, DN375, DN500, DN936, DN1600, DN_SW350_700, DN_SW350_2150, DN_LW, UP375, UP500, UP936, UP1600, UP_SW350_700, UP_SW350_2150, UP_LW Peter Pilewskie