Office Space
Floor PlanProject participants will have designated office space on the 1st and 2nd floors of the northwest (street) side of the Everts Air Fuel North Hangar. Conference/Meeting room facilities will be offsite at UAF. Further information available on site.
Computing & Networking

Cathy Burgdorf

Services active Thursday
27 March 2008
Services terminate Thursday
1 May 2008

The project is contracting a dedicated 6Mbps symmetric internet connection. IP addresses will be assigned to hosts dynamically on a private subnet in a non NOAA domain. A firewall will be in place for this subnet. Its configuration limits traffic coming in, and allows all typical services (i.e. ftp, http, ssh) going out. Specific service requests should be directed to project Computing & Networking support. Contact your local network administrators regarding necessary service requirements for access back through organizational firewalls.

The project will provide networked printers for general ARCPAC participant use: one black & white HP LaserJet and one HP Color LaserJet. Printer drivers for Windows 2k and newer, Mac OSX.3.x and newer, and configuration instructions will be available on site. Older operating systems will not be supported for network printing, though a serial connection to the black & white LaserJet may be implemented if necessary.

A network device is any device connected to the net (i.e. computer, printer). For each network device identified, a twisted pair cable with a RJ-45 connector, or wireless as a convenience, will be supplied. All other hardware required to connect and operate network devices is the responsibility of the participant. Any computer connected to the network must have current virus protection software and OS patches and updates. The project Computing & Networking support must have or be given administrator access on any machine that will remain connected to the network unattended at any time. Participants may find further network and resource details on site.