Clouds, Aerosol, & Climate: Projects

Field Campaigns

AEROMMA, Coastal U.S. megacities. Atmospheric Emissions and Reactions Observed from Megacities to Marine Areas (AEROMMA) addresses emerging research needs in urban air quality, marine chemistry influences on cloud formation, and interactions at the marine-urban interface. Researchers will investigate anthropogenic and marine emissions that alter tropospheric composition and impact air quality and climate from science flight and ground site activities based in Palmdale, California, Dayton, Ohio, and the NYC metro area during Summer 2023. CSL is engaged with flight planning and forecast modeling for the summer campaign. More Info

NYC skyline

ATOMIC, tropical North Atlantic east of Barbados. Clouds close to the ocean surface, a type of "shallow convective cloud," are critical to understanding climate and weather, but are poorly represented in models. The Atlantic Tradewind Ocean-Atmosphere Mesoscale Interaction Campaign (ATOMIC) aims to study air-sea interaction processes to advance understanding and prediction of U.S. weather and climate. CSD is engaged with WP-3D flight planning and modeling for the six week campaign January-February 2020. More Info

shallow convective clouds

Prior field campaigns in which CAC members have participated: