Centrifugal Particle Mass Analyzer (CPMA)

CPMA instrument
CSL's CPMA instrument

CSL has a Centrifugal Particle Mass Analyzer (CPMA), a device for selecting aerosol particles by their mass-to-charge ratio. The CPMA is available throughout CSL to help advance our science by extending the aerosol parameters we control. Shuka Schwarz, in our Atmospheric Composition & Chemical Processes research program, initially spent some time with the instrument to ensure it was operating correctly, and provided comments on its use. He is available to help set it up (if needed / desired).

The acquisition of the CPMA can inspire us to think anew about opportunities to address science questions of interest here at NOAA. There are already some firm ideas for applications (which justified the purchase), but let's not miss the other good ones that are still "out on the range."

Point of Contact: Joshua (Shuka) Schwarz, NOAA

Use the NOAA CSL CPMA Calendar to reserve the instrument (sign in to your NOAA Google account). Please be vigilant about reserving enough time to both "work out the kinks" and accomplish your goals with this new instrument, while also being sensitive to needs and interests of others in CSL.