2011 News & Events

Jim Churnside to Receive 2011 George W. Goddard Award

7 February 2011

CSD scientist Jim Churnside has been announced as 2011 winner of the George W. Goddard award. The award is given annually by SPIE, an international society advancing an interdisciplinary approach to the science and application of light.

The George W. Goddard Award is for exceptional achievement in optical or photonic instrumentation for aerospace, atmospheric science, or astronomy, specifically for the invention and development of a new technique, photonic instrumentation, instrument, or system.

Jim's award recognizes his "...creativity and leadership in developing and advancing the airborne fish lidar technique, and for wide-ranging contributions to optical propagation in the atmosphere and ocean." He will receive the award at a ceremony this summer in San Diego.

Jim has been a scientist at NOAA since 1985. He has developed NOAA Fish Lidar for airborne surveys of fish and has applied the lidar to various fisheries research problems. His general research interests include the study of the interaction of electrodynamic waves with geophysical fluids, and the applications of those interactions for remote sensing of the atmosphere and oceans. Of special interest are the characteristics of light scattered from the ocean surface and near-surface layer and applications to remote sensing of phytoplankton, zooplankton, and epipelagic fish schools.