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Graham Feingold Elected as Fellow of American Geophysical Union

31 July 2013

Graham Feingold
Dr. Graham Feingold

Dr. Graham Feingold has been elected as a Fellow of the American Geophysical Union, "for highly innovative and insightful research on climate-related processes of the cloud-aerosol-precipitation system."

Graham is one of the world's leading authorities on cloud microphysics. He has been a scientist in the Chemical Sciences Division (formerly part of the Environmental Technology Laboratory) since 1991. He received his PhD in Geophysics and Planetary Sciences (summa cum laude) from the Tel Aviv University in 1989. His research interests lie in aerosol-cloud-precipitation interactions and implications for climate change. Since 2007, he has been a lead researcher in CSD's Cloud and Aerosol Processes group, focusing on process level studies using high resolution models and observations (aircraft and surface remote sensing) at the cloud scale (10s of meters to 10s of kms).

Only one in a thousand AGU members is elected to Fellowship each year. Graham and the other 2013 Fellows will be honored at the Fall Meeting of the AGU, to be held in December in San Francisco.