CSL News & Events:

2013 News & Events

Highlights of CSD Science at AGU
22 November 2013

Lidar observations reveal important information about ocean dynamics and the life underwater
20 November 2013

University of Colorado CIRES Innovative Research Program Poster Session and Reception
21 November 2013, CIRES Atrium

Karen Rosenlof Elected as Fellow of American Meteorological Society
7 November 2013

International Smoke Symposium
21-24 October 2013, University of Maryland

Government Shutdown
1-16 October 2013

Water vapor in the upper atmosphere amplifies global warming
30 September 2013

Graham Feingold Elected as Fellow of American Geophysical Union
31 July 2013

Atmospheric Chemistry Gordon Research Conference
28 July - 2 August 2013, West Dover, VT

Scientists investigating Southeast air quality and climate mysteries
19 June 2013

Los Angeles air pollution declining, losing its sting
4 June 2013

IGAC SPARC CCMI (chemistry-climate model initiative) Science Workshop
14-16 May 2013, NCAR Center Green

Mystery solved: Extra methane in LA's air traced to fossil-fuel sources
14 May 2013

The origins of cirrus: Earth's highest clouds have dusty core
9 May 2013

University of Colorado CIRES Rendezvous
2 May 2013, UMC Glenn Miller Ballroom & Terrace

Pace of climate zone shifts quickens as climate warms
22 April 2013

2nd Annual Symposium on Advances in Mass Spectrometry for Atmospheric Science
25 March 2013, CIRES Auditorium

Nan Serkes Named Unsung S/Hero for Rocky Mountain Region of FEW
15 March 2013

David Fahey Selected as a NOAA Senior Technical Scientist
15 March 2013

Global Hawk measures stratospheric water vapor to help predict changes in climate
11 March 2013

George C. Reid Endowed Scholarship Fund Established
6 March 2013

Sizing up black carbon in snow
4 March 2013

Recent trends in stratospheric aerosol explained by volcanic sources rather than anthropogenic emissions
1 March 2013

HIPPO Global Scale Air Chemistry Dataset Available
4 February 2013

Scientists sniff for hazards during drilling rig spills
24 January 2013, Nature News Blog

Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill and Ecosystem Science Conference
21 - 23 January 2013, New Orleans, LA

Black carbon larger cause of climate change than previously assessed
15 January 2013

Oil and Gas Wells Contribute Fuel for Ozone Pollution
14 January 2013