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Owen Cooper appointed to WMO Global Atmosphere Watch Scientific Advisory Group

30 May 2019

Owen Cooper
Dr. Owen R. Cooper

Dr. Owen Cooper is a new core member of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) Global Atmosphere Watch (GAW) Scientific Advisory Group (SAG) on Reactive Gases. This group advises the WMO Secretariat Atmospheric Environment Research (AER) Division on the matters related to reactive gases. Specifically, the SAG on Reactive Gases focuses on aspects related to tropospheric ozone chemistry, with emphasis on tropospheric ozone, ozone precursor gases and sulfur dioxide (SO2) to support the objectives outlined in the GAW Implementation Plan 2016-2023. These gases play an important role as short-lived climate forcers, air pollutants, and substances affecting agriculture and natural ecosystems and are important for multiple applications being developed within the GAW Programme.

Dr. Cooper's 3-year appointment began on 1 April 2019, at the invitation of Dr. Greg Carmichael, Chairperson of the WMO Environmental Pollution and Atmospheric Chemistry Scientific Steering Committee (EPAC-SSC); the appointment was approved by Dr. Louis W. Uccellini, Director of the National Weather Service and Permanent Representative of the U.S. with WMO.

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