Owen Cooper

Senior Research Scientist

Regional Chemical Modeling

NOAA Chemical Sciences Laboratory
325 Broadway, R/CSL4
Boulder, CO 80305 USA





Ph.D., Department of Environmental Sciences, University of Virginia, 2001
M.S., Department of Environmental Sciences, University of Virginia, 1997
B.S., School of Public Health, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill, 1994


With the goal of conducting scientific research that is highly relevant to public health issues and policy development, Owen Cooper's research interests pertain to:  regional and intercontinental transport of atmospheric trace gases and particulate matter; trends in U.S. and global air quality; the global tropospheric ozone budget and trends; stratosphere-troposphere exchange processes.

Dr. Cooper serves as co-Chair of the Tropospheric Ozone Assessment Report (TOAR), an activity of the International Global Atmospheric Chemistry project (IGAC):

Elementa: Tropospheric Ozone Assessment Report (TOAR) collection

Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

last modified: December 19, 2021