Daily Summary

Daily Summary of operations and IOP status notifications.

Provides more information including best estimates of when the next IOP (Intensive Operating Period) starts. The scarf in the logo will change color from GREEN (Normal operations) to ORANGE (Prepare for IOP) to RED (IOP in progress). An ORANGE scarf means participants should be actively making travel plans if not already in Las Vegas.


Measurements officially begin May 20.

The microDop lidar ships May 12. The TOPAZ lidar truck leaves May 16. Both lidars should be set up at NLVA and ready to go by the end of the day on May 18.

The CSD Mobile Lab leaves May 16 and should be set up at Angel Peak on May 18.


Reservations (Michael Mix): 702-692-7533 Recommended Option: Aliante Casino & Hotel, Las Vegas, NV

FAST-LVOS has a room block under the NOAA Group Code: SCNOAA7