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Mooney flies over TOPAZ and MicroDop

Photo: G. Kirgis, NOAA / CIRES

The Scientific Aviation Mooney aircraft flies over the TOPAZ truck and Microdop lidar at NLVA.

TOPAZ truck and MicroDop lidar

Photo: S. Sandberg, NOAA

Data collection underway 17 May 2017 from the TOPAZ (left) and MicroDop (right) lidars located at the North Las Vegas Airport (NLVA).

TOPAZ truck

Photo: J Peischl, NOAA / CIRES

The TOPAZ air intake got clogged by snow and slush during transit over a pass in Utah (note the slush on the front of the truck). Raul cleared it out and they're back on the road, on schedule to arrive in Las Vegas to begin measurements.