LLLJP Instrumentation: High Resolution Doppler Lidar (HRDL)

HRDL photo

During the LLLJP, HRDL data were collected during the nighttime, from local sunset until sunrise from 1 to 16 September 2003. Scans were performed in conical, vertical-slice, and staring modes.

Basic Parameters Measured

  • Range resolved velocity profiles
  • Range resolved backscatter intensity

Typical Specifications

Wavelength2.0218 µm
Pulse energy1.5 mJ
Pulse rate200 Hz
Frequency stability0.2 MHz
Range Resolution30 m
Time Resolution0.02 s
Velocity Resolution5 cm/s
Minimum range0.2 km
Maximum range2 - 9 km

More Information: High-Resolution Doppler Lidar (HRDL) instrument