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2022 Past Seminars

30 November 2022
Wednesday, 11:00 am
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More organized deep convection with contracting ITCZ and possible implications
Speaker: Anita Rapp, Texas A&M University
14 November 2022
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Laboratory Studies of Optical and Chemical properties of PM Emissions from African Biomass Fuels
Speaker: Solomon Bililign, North Carolina A&T State University
9 November 2022
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Decadal trends of global climate and air pollution: two-way interactions, joint impacts and synergistic mitigation
Speaker: Yangyang Xu, Texas A&M University
3 November 2022
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Shedding light on solar radiation variability at Earth's surface
Speaker: Jake Gristey, CU CIRES & NOAA CSL
19 October 2022
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Fingerprinting Reactive Nitrogen Sources and Chemistry
Speaker: Meredith Hastings, Brown Universtiy
5 October 2022
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Sources and human health impacts of air pollution constrained using remote sensing data and air quality modeling
Speaker: Daven Henze, University of Colorado Boulder
31 August 2022
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The role of natural and anthropogenic marine aerosols in cloud-chemistry-climate feedbacks: the Benguela upwelling system and Marine Cloud Brightening
Speaker: Hannah Horowitz, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
25 May 2022
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Measurement and modelling of the organic peroxy radicals in China
Speaker: Keding Lu, Peking University
18 May 2022 Global Thermostat: Highly Scalable, Flexible, and Low-Cost DAC Platform for Negative Emissions
Speaker: Miles Sakwa-Novak, Global Thermostat Inc
11 May 2022 Case Studies for the Atmospheric Transport of Environmental Contaminants: PFAS and Pesticides in Precipitation
Speaker: Jennifer Faust, College of Wooster
28 April 2022 Studies of Brown Carbon Particles from Wildfire Smoke
Speaker: Rodney Weber, Georgia Tech
13 April 2022 Insights on Chemical and Microphysical Properties of Secondary Brown Carbon Aerosols
Speaker: Roya Bahreini, University of California
30 March 2022 Wildland fire behavior and factors contributing to risk in western U.S. events
Speaker: Janice Coen, NCAR
16 March 2022 Extreme Fires and Satellite Atmospheric Composition Capabilities
Speaker: Shobha Kondragunta, NOAA NESDIS
9 March 2022 The Impacts of Biomass Burning Produced Aerosols on Summertime African Climate Dynamics: Observations, Modeling and Future Perspectives
Speaker: Osinachi Ajoku, Howard University
2 February 2022 How Well Do We Really Understand Ultrafine Particle Growth?
Speaker: Murray Johnston, University of Delaware
26 January 2022 From Molecular to Regional Scales: Elucidating the Health and Climate Impacts of Combustion Aerosols
Speaker: Rawad Saleh, University of Georgia
19 January 2022 Influence of emission reduction on marine low clouds over global oceans in recent two decades
Speaker: Minghuai Wang, Nanjing University
12 January 2022 Overview of the SPARC Reanalysis Intercomparison Project (S-RIP) during 2013-2021
Speaker: Masatomo Fujiwara, Hokkaido University