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NOAA Three Minute Thesis Webinar on NOAA's Role in Wildfire Events: How FIREX-AQ Science Strengthens the Foundation for NOAA Operations


Dr. Joshua (Shuka) Schwarz, Atmospheric Composition & Chemical Processes program lead, NOAA CSL

Friday, July 30, 2021, 12:00 noon Mountain Time

Schwarz webinar

Data to Interpretation and Knowledge to Application

  1. Basic Research: Measure both smoke and heat from fires
  2. Use Data to Advance Understanding
  3. Entrain to Operations
    • Models / Forecasts
    • Chemical Emissions Databases

Joshua (Shuka) Schwarz is a research physicist in the NOAA Chemical Sciences Laboratory in Boulder, Colorado, where he has worked since 2003. He leads the Atmospheric Composition and Chemical Processes research group and specializes in development of new complex measurement systems for airborne aerosol, and black carbon and bio-aerosol in the air and in precipitate.

The NOAA Regional Collaboration Network presented a special webinar designed to share experiences and information about NOAA’s role as it relates to wildfires. Learn about NOAA's role in wildfire events compared to other agencies, fire weather forecasting, available and emerging satellite tools, and post-fire impacts like air quality and flooding related to burn scars.
How FIREX-AQ Science Strengthens the Foundation for NOAA Operations begins at 27:05.

What's a Three Minute Thesis Webinar? Borrowing from a format used by many universities, panelists each had one slide and three minutes to present on their topic. There was also time for questions from the audience between each group of speakers, which let the experts dive into a bit more detail. Webinar: NOAA Central Region

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