Caroline (Carrie) Womack

Research Scientist III

Tropospheric Chemistry

NOAA Chemical Sciences Laboratory
325 Broadway, R/CSL7
Boulder, CO 80305 USA




My research focuses on measuring and understanding trace gases and aerosols in the troposphere. Using cavity-enhanced spectroscopic techniques, such as CRDS and IBBCEAS, I study the chemical and physical processes by which emissions are transformed into poor air quality outcomes.


PhD in Physical Chemistry, University of Chicago, 2013
BA in Chemistry, Bryn Mawr College, 2008


Biomass burning smoke, cavity-enhanced spectroscopy, trace gas detection, aerosol optical properties, urban air quality, wintertime air pollution

Current Topics

  • Characterizing biomass burning aerosol optical properties during the 2016 NOAA Missoula Fires Sciences Laboratory Study
  • Assessing the sensitivity of wintertime ammonium nitrate pollution to reductions in NOx and VOCs during the 2017 NOAA Utah Winter Fine Particulate Study (UWFPS)
  • Measuring glyoxal, nitrous acid, and nitrogen dioxide during 2019 NOAA-NASA FIREX-AQ campaign to evaluate chemical processes in smoke plumes.
  • Developing miniaturized CES techniques for detection of NO2 on UAVs

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last modified: November 6, 2023